Top 5 Reasons To Host Videos On Vimeo Instead Of YouTube:

With its uncountable users online, YouTube turns to be the king of Online Video Hosting sites. It becomes the well-known brand among almost everyone of us. The sad truth is, with its powerful brand awareness, it attracts every people and they aren’t even aware that there are some best alternatives to YouTube as well.

Top 5 Reasons To Host Videos On Vimeo Instead Of YouTube

One among them is Vimeo. It is actually better than YouTube, and you can do a lot more on Vimeo than in YouTube. It becomes the closest competitor for YouTube with its astonishing features. With Vimeo you can get almost 280 million viewers per month while in YouTube you can drive 1 billion views per month.

You can also buy real vimeo views to boost your profile visibility from some of the quality service providers like us.

So, do you think, why to choose Vimeo over YouTube regardless of having some lesser viewership? Here we list the top reasons to choose Vimeo over YouTube.

Better Video Quality When Compared To YouTube:

With over 300 hours of videos uploaded per minute, YouTube reduces the quality of the video before it goes live to effectively increase the compression speed.

While in Vimeo, it doesn’t have that much of heavier load compared to YouTube and hence the quality of the video is better when compared to that of YouTube videos. Vimeo uses some better encoding techniques and it has some guidelines and a list of acceptable videos.

For example, let us say, you are uploading the same video to both Vimeo and YouTube with same resolution as well. The quality of the video uploaded in Vimeo is far better than YouTube with higher bitrate.

Greater Prestige:

Consider uploading videos to YouTube. Since it is an open platform, you can upload anything as you like even the dump. YouTube is basically considered as the video dump, and it doesn’t have any limitations towards the type of video content you uploaded to it.

But whereas in Vimeo, it strictly follow some guidelines and only quality videos will be accepted. As a result, you don’t have to search through some dumpest videos and hurray! You can get the best video for your search.

Sophisticated Audience:

Vimeo tends to attract different kind of sophisticated audience, since it limits the kind of videos that can be uploaded to it.

There is a higher possibility of your Vimeo viewers to get engaged in your videos when compared to YouTube videos. You can alternatively, buy views to get engaged and to drive more number of natural followers.

Greater Artistic Freedom:

YouTube doesn’t allow it’s users to create and upload some artistic contents.
While Vimeo allows its users to create some artistic contents, and the videos will be on top as long as it have some creative content.

Unique Customizations And Features:

Vimeo have some attracting features that YouTube might not have.
The major feature is that, you can replace the video you have uploaded but you can keep the exact URL of the existing video.

The next thing is that you can password protect any of your videos and you can also set the visibility of the video as Private, or Public.

So why are you waiting? If you aren’t using Vimeo, then you are definitely missing some serious advantages of it. Try switching to vimeo now and enjoy your video hosting go viral.