Google Answer Box Optimization Tips for Your Website

Google answer is nothing but a box which is displayed above the Google search results when you search in Google search box. With this Google answer box you can search the meaning or required results without entering into a website. Refer this image to get clear idea about Google answer box.

Google Answer Box Optimization Tips for Your Website

If your web page content is displayed in the Google Answer Box, then your website will get more clicks. Whatever the probability may be, but the result is good for you. So getting displayed in Google Answer box is having some positive effects towards your website. So here by this article I will suggest you to optimize your website for Google Answer box.

Use Schema Markup Code: markup code is the one which Google uses to know the information about your website and website pages, so it is good to insert Schema markup code in your website. According to our research one third of the search results displayed Google Answer box is from the enabled websites.And make sure that your HTML code contains “rel=author” and “rel=publisher” which makes Google to trust your website.

You can use Google’s structured data testing tool to verify the status of Schema implementation or you can approach any SEO service Chennai to optimize your website for displaying in Google Answer box.

Create Wikipedia Pages:

The real fact is that the Google Answer box looks like Wikipedia, there is a lot of correlation between these two. We found that pages with Wikipedia entries ranked more often in top five results of the Search Engine Results Page.Wikipedia entries with mentions to blogs, press release or Newspapers will boost your website rank in SERP.So create Wikipedia pages to increase your visibility in Google Answer box.

Create Informative Content For Some Search Queries:

While writing article or creating web page content include in depth information for unknown terms or simultaneously searched terms, if possible. Don’t include the information for sake of adding it, define the terms if necessary and make sure that your webpage looks natural. Of course, adding useful info graphics, videos and other forms of content will improve your visibility but this method will do more favor.

Create Google+ page:

Google accepted that it prefers the websites with enabled Google+ profile page. But simply creating the pages is not enough to rank in Google, it needs regular updates with unique and outstanding contents to rank you.

If you are a service provider it is advisable to add your company in the Google business page and your exact business location in Google maps.If you are familiar with these terms you may make use of any Best SEO services in Chennai in your location.